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EMME GEL aims to be a reference partner for the most important large-scale retail and organized distribution brands in terms of private label production of the distributor.
Emme Gel has more than 20 years of experience in the private label industry for private label products, thanks to a high technological level of our production sites and the quality approach that remains one of our most important goals. All our factories are certified and private-label products are of the highest quality.
EMME GEL also offers to develop customized packaging according to customer needs and uses only materials certified in hygiene and food safety to ensure the highest quality packaging.

EMME GEL with its experience in the production and freezing of the highest quality products, specializes in supplying branded products, is a reliable partner and guarantees:

Maximum flexibility
Versatility of production lines
Uniqueness of their own recipes and innovation
Quality of raw materials
Quality of packaging
Private label and custom branded products